Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blogger issues???

Anyone else out there having problems with blogger? I can't comment anywhere and have been emailed by people saying that they weren't able to post a comment on my blog. Does anyone know what is going on with that?
We have had a crazy few days. After Sam's graduation on friday, I started my four nights in a row at the hospital. I am completely 100% exhausted and can't wait to sleep today. I am so so blessed by such wonderful friends that come and take the kiddos so I can sleep! They actually had a sleep over last night at a friend's house, and they are staying there throughout this morning so I can sleep after work.
I am feeling pretty crummy the last few days but I am not sure if it is related to working so much with so little sleep, or if there is something going on pregnancy wise. I did have my liver tests drawn last week in Boston and they are up a little more than they had been the week before:-( Not sure if it is a significant enough increase to be concerned or not. Praying that it isn't.
PRAYER REQUEST: A co-worker of mine has a daughter named Ashley who was pregnant. Ashley delivered her precious baby girl the other day, at 27wks, the baby is 2lb 4.7oz and has been doing well. Ashley was very sick with pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome (like I have been previously) can you please lift up this family in your prayers? Thank you so much!!!

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