Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chest Pain???

Well Sam officially has a new complaint. I am not quite sure what the problem is yet though. Last monday after his IVIG he started complaining that he had chest pain. I kind of was thinking that he bumped his chest (although there was no mark) or that it was some type of reaction to the IVIG. I kind of didn't worry too much about it on monday night when we got home, and then tuesday and wednesday he didn't complain about it. So then I kind of just stopped thinking about it. I saw his PCP over the weekend at the hospital on my way into work, and COMPLETELY forgot ot ask about it:-( She was off yesterday and because he is so not typical in his complaints, the other doctors in her office really don't know what to tell me. He complained again about it yesterday, and asked me to rub his chest. So now I am really stumped and praying that it is really nothign to be concerned about...talking to the doctor again tomorrow....
In other news our garden is growing!!! The kids and I are so excited. They run outside every day and want to see what is bigger from the day before. We can't wait to be able to actually pick veggies and fruit from it.
I am doing ok. My liver studies from last week have gotten a little more elevated:-( This pregnancy I am really realizing how God truly is in control regardless of what the medical professionals say.
Last week wednesday after preschool a bunch of us mom's went to Dunn's Pond. There were 9 moms, and 18+ kids! It was a lot of fun. The kids had so much fun. My two absolutely love the water. I foresee a lot of swimming this summer, as long as I am not on bedrest.

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