Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Well child check up

Sophia had her 3 year well child check up today! I still can't believe my little peanut is growing up. She is 28.7lbs and is 36inches tall, she is just about in the fiftieth percentile!!! Not bad for my little failure to thrive baby:-) She is above and beyond for her age as far as language skills, recognizing shapes/colors etc.
We did have some concerning issues though. I have noticed for a very long time that Sophia has a very strange gait when she is walking, and especially running. I have mentioned it in the past to the doctor, but it has never been thought to be any big deal. I again mentioned it to her while we were there and she had her running up and down the hall of the office. She then saw what has been so concerning to us, and seems to be concerned herself.
We origionally were going to be seen by the head of pediatric orthopedics at Children's on June 3rd but the doctor was adament that she be seen sooner and therefore we will be going to see his colleague April 15th. I am anxious about this appointment but praying that all will go well. I just don't want her to have the frequent stumbling, and more recently she has been complaining that her legs hurt. She is incredibly fast and I don't want whatever this is to hinder her. Please say some prayers for my little princess

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