Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Poor neglected blog.........

Goodness, can't believe how long it has been since I have updated. Our internet was down for over a week so that is part of my excuse:-)
What's happened with us this past week or so:
-Results of Sam sleep study: NORMAL!!!! Praising God for this wonderful news
-Sam had some pretty significant GI bleeding last friday into saturday, but
again praising God that it has resolved. His GI doctor is believing that
he has probably a collection of blood vessels close to the surface of his
colon and that they are prone to bleeding. That being said, if his
platelet dysfunction (bleeding disorder) is not bad at the time of the
bleed, then it will resolve on it's own. If he isn't clotting properly
then something will have to be done.
-Our basement flooded last week:-( Thankfully although our washer/dryer and
boiler were all in the water, they weren't damage
-I started back to work!!! As a real nurse! It was so fun to actually take
care of patients again. My back did bother me some but it was totally
-I had my re-eval for PT, they said that I still have significant decreased
mobility between the vertebrae in my lumbar reason, muscle weakness on
the left, and continued muscle spasms. So they are recommending to
continue PT twice a week still.
-I went to a webinar last week regarding Pre-eclampsia diagnosis and
treatment. I have always known how sick I was when I had Sam, but
actually seeing the data in front of me was truly terrifying. EAch
of the people that was at the webinar had some experience with me when
I was pregnant with Sam, and each shared how scary it was....Thankfully
MY GOD is bigger than Pre-E and HELLP and He kept us both safe:-)
That is what has been going on here in the last week or so. Sophia turns three this week! I still can't believe my little baby is going to be three. She is doing great with the Potty training TODAY:-) yesterday was a different story. We actually had a Potty Dance Party two weeks ago which was really fun:-)

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