Friday, March 18, 2011

The blessing of Sophia Grace

Three years ago today my beautiful precious baby girl was born. It was the most amazing experience of my life. With Sam he didn't cry and had complications at birth, so when Sophia came out screaming it was absolutely incredible. I get so emotional thinking about it even now. Being nearly five weeks early I didn't know how she would be but she was amazing:-) Becoming a mother to a little girl is such a tremendous blessing
In her first year of life, she was this tiny petite little girl who was content to watch and smile at everything around her. She didn't ever really want to crawl, and most of the time scooted on her butt. She didn't have much hair, and therefore I got to put beautiful handmade bows and headbands on her from Auntie Tracy
We celebrated her first birthday at Cushing Academy. So many friends came to love on our precious baby girl. Unfortunately on her actual birthday she was sick and had a temperature of 104! Poor little princess!
Around the time she started walking we started to really notice how adventurous she is. She is absolutely fearless, and loves to try new things. She is fast, and so curious. Almost as soon as she started walking she was running. And there has been no looking back. She LOVES to run! People have said that she should be put in track. Her second birthday was a cupcake theme, although she didn't really eat any. Her two year pictures were so much fun to get. We were in the middle of a rain storm but you would never know...
Today Sophia and Mommy are going out for a birthday breakfast after we bring Sammy to school.:-) Sammy has IVIG today so she gets to go spend some time with Miss Meg, and then tomorrow we are having a butterfly birthday party for her. Wait until you see the AMAZING dress my friend made for her!!!
Happy birthday sweet Princess! I love you to the moon and back

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