Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We survived!

Sammy likes hanging out so much with Keegan that we stayed for a few minutes AFTER his IV was out and he was discharged:-)

Phew we got the first dose of IVIG behind us. While there everything seemed to go surprising ok. The IV got in on the first try, and we got put in the same room as Keegan. The boys got to hang out and watched tv and played a game, did legos, and Sammy and I read some books. The nurse we had was one that I previously did not like and hadn't allowed to care for Sam, I decided this time to give her a second chance. She WON'T be getting a third chance with my kid!!! After speaking with other nurses and his immunologist it appears that she ran the transfusion way faster than she should have! By the time we got home from Boston and from picking up Sophia his temp was over 102 and he had a rash! I called the transfusion center and they had me speak to this same nurse, who AGAIN didn't do things correctly!!! But long story short we will probably be changing the specific IVIG that he gets. But he will be fine. We are just giving motrin, tylenol and benadryl. If he continues to run a fever past wednesday then it may not have been related to the transfusion. We shall see...
In other news they repeated his blood work on monday to see what his levels were prior to treatment actually starting. They had dropped a good bit even from a month ago when they did it. I guess that there is no question whether this was needed or not.


tiff(threeringcircus) said...

I'm so glad it went okay. I'm so sorry it was run in too fast and I would like to hit that nurse. Hope Sammy settles soon. Hugs for you both.

Laura said...

Good Morning,
I am so sorry Sammy ended up getting a fever. As you and I talked I was more than surprised that she was dripping so quickly. Keegan is very excited that Sammy will be sleeping over on the day of his birthday. This will be his first sleep over. He can not wait for his party.
Keegan is having a hard time with his treatment. He has had the headache since yesterday. This morning he woke up at 3:30 and has been up since with a small headache. Hope to hear from you soon.