Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Swine Flu

\4Well we are home! Praising God that we are here. We essentially are still in limbo as we wait to see what the doctors next course of action will be. His GI is consulting others as he isn't quite sure where to go from here. He had a large amount of blood on monday when we were home but yesterday and today have been much less. WE are praying that he is healed and that we will have no further occurances.
We are now debating the swine flu vaccine for him. In light of recent events and his "untypical" reactions to things I am very anxious about it, although I also realize that getting the swine flu would be much worse for him. So we are in limbo about getting it for him. If this had been two weeks ago we would have done it no problem but now I am anxious about it. In any case Sophia will be getting it on friday and we will see about Sammy. Has anyone given it to their little ones yet?


kace said...

i dont know what to do... i dont have good reactions to shots but so far krew has done well. i hate the not knowing part. praying for yall!

23wktwinsmommy said...

We got the kids vaccinated on Tuesday...have to go back in 28 days for the 2nd shot...knock on wood they are dong fine. Must be a hard decision! Hoping for a healthy year for you all!