Sunday, October 25, 2009

Birthday parties, sleepovers, and FUN

Keegan the birthday boy- turned 5!!! (this is Sammy's "big boy friend")

Momma's Girl

Sammy fell asleep right next to Keegan, and Keegan covered him up and took good care of him:-)

We went to Keegan's birthday and had so much fun. Keegan is Sammy's new best buddy and Sam enjoys him so much. They had all kinds of fun activities planned for the kids, even Sophia tried to hit the pinata but the batt was a little too heavy for her.:-)
The kids had a blast, and Laura and Bobby (Keegan's parents) were gracious enough to allow us to sleep over since we had IVIG the next morning. Sam had been so excited to have this sleepover. He and Keegan played hard after the party was over, had pizza and popcorn and were watching a fun Disney movie, and much to my SHOCK Sam fell asleep on Keegan's bed! I was so excited, it only lasted about an hour and then he slept with me but it's a start right?

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