Friday, October 16, 2009


Phew well we are still at Children's Hospital after what was an unexpected complication. While doing the colonoscopy/endoscopy yesterday Sam started to bleed from it and developed a large hematoma (like a blood blister) in his descending colon. They wanted to watch him and were wondering if he possibly has some type of clotting disorder. As of now the clotting studies have come out normal. However they had decided to not let him eat anything until today just for in case he started to bleed again and they needed to go to the operating room. They finally allowed him to have some clear liquids and he had a few bites and then had severe pain and then he said he had to go poop and he pooped a significant amount of bright red blood. So they don't know what is going on exactly.
UPDATE: They let him have a popsicle!!! He is happy as can be now. Auntie Chantal and Auntie Bethany are hanging out playing with us. Playing Chutes and Ladders and Indiana Jones, playing with Curious George, and watching movies. I am so blessed to have these wonderful ladies in my life. Thanks Girls!!!

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tiff(threeringcircus) said...

Oh! How scary for you. I hope Sammy continues to improve and can eat without any more complications.