Saturday, April 5, 2008

Grow baby grow

The miracle blanket, snuggled up like a cocoon.

Do you like my mohawk?

Sophia has not grown much this week. She is still only 5lb6oz. She stayed the same weight each day that we went. Her blood work was okay. We have to go back on monday and if she hasn't grown who knows what will happen. Please pray that she grows. She is still puking and coughing/choking a lot.Last night was horrible. I feel like she had a terrible stomach ache and was so gassy. She was up from 2 until 4:30 and just fussy and squirmy. Totally acting like she was miserable, poor girl. It is probably (hopefully?) something I ate. That is a lot easier to deal with than something wrong with her. I had my follow up with the OB doctor yesterday to check my incision. Unfortunately it is infected. I have to do warm compresses several times a day to help the infection drain out.

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