Tuesday, April 15, 2008

6lbs of beautiful

Well we hit six pounds today, not what the doctor had hoped for, she was hoping she would be like 6lb 2oz or more. But six pounds is good to me, at least she is gaining, incredibly slowly but gaining. I can't believe she is four weeks old today. She is such a joy, although these last days as I have been giving her the high calorie fortifier in my milk she has been irritable and uncomfortable, and very spitty. Poor girl. I am totally having mixed feelings with this fortifier. I respect our doctor and her opinion so much, but totally don't agree with me having to give her the fortifier. She doesn't spit at all when I am just nursing. Last week when I was just nursing she gained an ounce a day, but over the last four days she only gained two ounces, when given the fortifier. Any opinions out there about what I should do?
Tomorrow I have to go and get Sammy;s belly x-rayed to see where the crazy magnet is. To make sure it is working its way through and not blocking anything. I wonder if he passed it and we missed it, although we have been searching every diaper for it. NOT FUN!!!!

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