Tuesday, April 22, 2008

CAT Scan and Post-concussive syndrome

Well Sammy didn't come away from getting hit with the bat as unscathed as origionally thought. We ended up getting a CAT scan yesterday, as the doctor thought that there may have been a skull fracture (Praise God that there wasn't!). However my guy still hasn't been acting himself, and seems to be acting like he feels worse than when he actually got hit: sleeping more, crying (A LOT), eating poorly (although this isn't new), trying to stick things in his ears, crying to come INSIDE!!! (this from the kid who would live outside if we let him.) Anyways I felt this lump behind his ear and the doctor yesterday didn't really give me peace of mind when telling me wshat was going on. They also told me to call his primary first thing today, so I did. They gave us the first appointment of the day and Sammy cried when we got there, everyone was so worried as he usually is so happy and playful. We saw Dr. V, and she said Post Concussive syndrome, I figured he could have gotten a concussion but the doctor yesterday said nothing about it so I thought I was just being a nervous mom. He did so good for the CAT scan, laying perfectly still. Again not normal for him to be perfectly still, but he was so good. Daddy went in with him and I stayed with Miss Sophia.
So needless to say we just have to keep our eyes on him and hopefully within a few days his symptoms will improve. The doctor said we are fortunate that it was his ear that took the brunt of the blow, but that she is concerned because the side of the skull/back of the ear is not very strong. So please pray for my little guy, that he feels better, that God completely quickly heals him. We go back tomorrow to the doctor, she was surprised at the swelling and hematoma that were still so big, and wants to see improvement with that tomorrow.
Here I was thinking that we weren't going to live at the doctor's this week. Tomorrow will make 3 days in a row. Tommorow we get Sophia weighed too, I am thinking that she is close to like 6lb 5 or a little more. It will be good to see. I will try to post pics later, if my clingy boy is clinging to daddy instead of me. The cuddling has been so nice, I miss that with him, although it is definitely more difficult to feed Sophia too.

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Niki said...

I wish I could keep my boys in my protective arms forever but I know that isn't how life works. You really begin to learn what it means to trust God when you have children. I am sure Sammy will be fine but I know it is hard. Sophie looks great!