Thursday, April 17, 2008


You know you have a little boy when...
-you hear a certain laugh and you know it means trouble (I heard Sammy laughing today from the kitchen and knew he was up to no good, he thought Sophia needed to go on an amusement park ride, he was pushing the head of the bouncing seat all the way to the ground and letting it go, thus sending Sophia flying with each bounce.
-you see him from across the playground and you know no matter how quick you get there the rocks will fly at the other child before you can stop him (at least the other kid threw them first, and they both were laughing as they threw them at each other
-when there is another mom bending over to tie her child's shoe and your son goes behind her and dumps a pile of rocks down her jeans!!! I nearly died, I was so embarassed. The other mom was so funny though, she said that she stuck it out there for him and he just couldn't help himself.

Sophia is much less gassy and fussy since I have stopped giving her the fortifier and high calorie formula. I saw the lactation consultant today and she weighed her, she was almost 6lb2oz prefeeding and almost 6lb4oz after the feeding. WE are slowly making progress. I love this dress that she is wearing. The weather was 70 today so I just had to put her in it. My mom bought it forever ago, and I have been waiting for her to wear it. She is finally starting to fit into some newborn clothes. Hopefully we will continue to grow. I am keeping my fingers crossed for 7lbs next week, and a very happy doctor's visit, please say some prayers that she grows well.

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