Monday, April 18, 2011

Sophia ortho update and the DENTIST

Goodness just realized that I had forgotten to write about Sophia's appointment with the orthopedic doctor. Essentially it was an extremely frustrating appointment. He said that her hips turn in too much (which he said should resolve by age eight) and that the lower part of her legs turn out too much (again this SHOULD resolve by ag

e 4). He was not at all concerned about these issues. The only thing that he was concerned about was that she has been complaining of pain, and he said that that wasn't normal for a three year old. I had mentioned how she cries in the morning and has a lot of difficulty with the stairs and cries that her legs hurt, he said that this was behavioral, which REALLY REALLY bothered me!!! I have a 3 year old who has been a climber since before she could walk, who has never had an issue with stairs, who can skip and hop. Who is super active all the time, and then over the course of this winter has developed pain, difficulty with stairs, increased stumbling and it is BEHAVIORAL??? Really?!?!? Anyways a little annoyed. He essentially said that if she continues to complain then we should call him back and they will do an MRI and bone scan. But he thinks that a lot of it is behavorial in one sentence, and in the next he is really concerned about her pain....So we shall see...
In other news she had her first official trip to the dentist last week as well. She was very excited at first but then got anxious for a couple seconds until the girl actually started counting and checking her teeth, then she would randomly laugh while she was sitting there.:-)

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