Thursday, April 7, 2011

GI update

So our GI appointment went relatively well. He was pretty happy with Sam's weight although also concerned with the continued belly pain. He is now up to 38lbs!!! We increased his periactin dose, for two weeks, and at the end of the two weeks if he isn't better then I am to call his immunologist to see if we can stop the singulair. Apparently singulair has been linked to some belly pain in the past. And then after two weeks off the singulair then we will then move on to a new GI med to see if that helps resolve this crazy stomach pain.
I can't believe he will be five soon! I have been filling out all the paperwork to get him into kindergarden in the fall! My baby is growing up:-) He is such a joy and such an inspiration to me. With all his medical problems/challenges, with all the scares that we have had with him since pregnancy, I feel so blessed to be his mom. God has given us such a tremendous blessing in Sam (and Sophia as well). I feel like because we have had so much struggle with him that I have appreciated and enjoyed each and every moment with him moreso than if he was healthy. It is a reminder that we are never promised tomorrow, but more so than that is that our God is an awesome amazing all powerful God, and that His plan for us is greater than we can even imagine.
I am just in the place of thankfulness, thankful for the challenges we have had because htey have made me a better mom, and a better person. I have become more compassionate and understanding. I wouldn't have the sam compassion if I didn't have this chronically ill kiddo to love. Just thankful:-)

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