Sunday, April 17, 2011

I stink at this....

Officially pregnancy and I are not getting along. I have been feelingn like I was probably dehydrated for a couple of weeks, but nothing absolutely terrible and the OB's didn't seem at all concerned about it. Well after our marathon day in Boston on friday, I was feeling pretty terrible that night. I couldn'tkeep anything down. I contacted my doctor and she said she would meet me in the morning to give me IV fluids. They had a HORRIBLE time getting the IV in, it took them 9 attempts!!! They were going to send me up to the hospital but I begged them to just do it there. So thankfully they finally got the IV in. I needed 3 liters of fluid before I could even pee.
By their scale in the office I have lost 24 pounds in the last two months! By my scale at home I have lost 18lb. I just can't tolerate much in the way of food when I am pregnant. It makes me so mad. I get these crazy cravings for something that I know is going to taste absolutely fabulous. And then it comes right back up:-( YUCK!!! I am feeling like this time hasn't been as bas as with Sam and Sophia. I was doing IV fluids like every few days for weeks with them. Thankfully I am fifteen weeks now and this is hopefully coming to the end. With both Sam and Soph this severe nausea and vomiting stopped between 17 and 18 weeks. SO hopefully I am almost there.
I look like a bruised pin cushion! But thankfully I feel a little better and have some more energy today. I unfortunately didn't go to church as I am still feeling kind of crummy. But am hopeful that I can really recup some energy today.

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