Sunday, December 27, 2009


Well prayerfully your Christmas was fabulous this year. This year has been quite the challenge but we are looking forward to 2010 being a year in which God moves mountains!!!
Unfortunatley my camera broke and at this moment we don't have the money to replace it so we don't have pictures to post. I am waiting to get some from family and friend who have taken some over this Christmas season.
The kids had a great Christmas. Sam's big gift was a Train table, and all the accesories. He has really been enjoying it, although his first comment led me to believe otherwise. Imagine you are all excited for your children to walk downstairs into the living room and see this train table that you think they are just going to love....and your very loving kind sweet 3 year turns to you with a smug look on his face after he has seen the table (and not opened any presents yet) "Mom I TOLD you that I wanted a monster for Christmas." Ugghhh, I was so mad, but he got excited about it after a little while.
Sophia's mommy insticts have surfaced in full force. She cuddles and kisses, feeds and puts her new babies to bed with a blanket. It is amazing to see her blossoming into this loving tender spirited little girl.
Tomorrow we go to see the hematologist for Sam. Truth be told I am very anxious about it, as almost two years exactly (Jan 3, 2008) we went to hematology and that is where they mentioned that dreaded word LEUKEMIA. We are so thankful that Sam did not have leukemia, but going back to that doctor and knowing the concern that Dr V has right now for him, is bringing back that strong anxiety. Please pray for Sam and for his doctors that they would have the wisdom to get him better.

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tiff(threeringcircus) said...

Thinking of you and sweet Sammy. Hoping everything is okay.