Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Failur to Thrive: NOT!!!!

Painting (more herself than the paper:)

So my little tiny pip squeak had a follow up weight check today, and lets just say that I NO LONGER have to worry about her weight!!! She no longer falls into the failure to thrive category and has actually jumped up on the growth chart to the
20th percentile!!! She is 23lbs fully clothed!! Way to go Sophia. Dr V was very happy with her growth. We will be weaning her from the pediasure in the next six weeks or so (per GI instructions) and so at that point we may end up doing weight checks again depending on if she actually developes an appetite by then. But for now NO WORRIES!!!! So hmmmm, what should I call this little beauty of mine instead of pipsqueak?

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