Thursday, December 3, 2009

Blood Donors

Making new friends, this is Keegan. You are helping Keegan too!!!

We thought this was his last treatment back in March, but we tried six months off and he kept getting sick again.

Riding the IV pole in true BIG boy fashion

Enjoying feeling well and playing with our favorite person at the infusion center

Sammy became a big brother during this time

Our first IVIG treatment, Sammy was 13months old

I was over reading a blogging buddies website today and was reminded of something that I ALWAYS take for granted. Blood donors!!!
Dear Blood Donor,
It is because of you that my son has been so much healthier. His first year he was so sick and almost never well. You see his immune system essentially doesn't work. So he needs help to not get sick. That is where you come in! When we started the IVIG, it was like night and day the difference in his health. IVIG, is the antibody portion of your blood donation! Sam has been thriving and is a happy energetic child. The number of blood donors that it takes to make one dose of the IVIG is astronomical and we want to thank each of the thousands of you that are so gracious in giving your blood and your time to help people like my Sam:-) Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Please continue to donate, and encourage your family and friends to donate too.
With Love,
The Weber Family

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