Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This littley beauty

is SO SICK!!! I will be calling the doctors office first thing in the morning, and praying that there isn't a hospitalization afterwards. SHe started vomiting and running a fever up to 103.3 monday. Tuesday she woke up and seemed better although she didn't pee. She didn't vomit or anything all day tuesday so I thought we were ok. I called the doctors office when she hadn't gone to the bathroom and they encouraged me to wait a few more hours, so I did. And she still didn't go!!! And now she has started to have diarrhea. Poor girl is quite miserable. The good thing about being a nurse is that to look at her I know she is not SEVERELY dehydrated, but the bad thing is that if I wasn't a nurse maybe they would have let me bring her in and then they could have told me she was fine and I wouldn't feel anxious.

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