Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good and bad news

This is my bed, notice how the kids are completely sprawled over it, that means we don't sleep when they come in in the wee hours of the morning

Phew it has been another crazy week! I have been playing telephone tag with Sam's GI doctor all week. He started stooling complete water on monday and has been stooling almost every time he goes to the bathroom. This started once I started giving him the bentyl and the prevacid together scheduled. The culturelle and fluorastor have not been able to keep up with him lately. Well anyways had a long conversation with her today and she thinks that Sam has reflux as well as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). This is good news, as it isn't anything life threatening or overly serious. SHe also believes he probably develops ulcers intermittently and that the prevacid will help prevent that. IBS is a chronic condition that can fluctuate between good and bad symptoms. The doctor feels that Sam's case is pretty severe but is thrilled that the new medication is helping as much as it is. He (until today!) had not cried or complained of belly pain all week. He had been running around and eating and seemed like a relatively normal healthy kid, with the exception of stooling every time he went pee. Unfortunately today he woke up crying with the pain, but I am thrilled that it was such a good week prior to this.
Unfortunately he is at an extremely high risk for ulcerative colitis, crohn's disease and various other intestinal disordes solely because of his immune deficiency. So sadly this will probably be something that he will deal with for life. But I am praying that we can continue on a road to him feeling well, more often than him feeling sick. I am not sure why his immune deficiency predisposes him to all of these problems but I will certainly be praying that they GO AWAY!!!

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kace said...

Such sweet pictures! We'll definitely keep saying some prayers that the meds do the trick.