Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sammy is 3!!!

Well he will be three tomorrow, but today we had his party. It was so much fun and we were blessed with a beautiful day and lots of family and friends. Sam had a great day and complained only a few times about being sick or his belly hurting. He ate well,. and played hard. He was so lovable and sweet today, and so appreciative of all of his gifts. I am just so blessed by him, he repeatedly told me he loves me and wanted to hug me and "just cuddle" We did Thomas the train and got this AMAZING cake from Lisa at You should try her out. She is wonderful to work with and is extremely talentated and creative.
Tomorrow we have the appointment with the new doctor. I am anxious but praying that she can figure this out for him. I am hoping that just because she is a woman that she will listen better, and our primary personally called her and told her all about Sam already so I am so thankful to be going in there with her already knowing his story. I am hoping we get some answers really quickly, but am also hoping that it doesn't require lots of testing or anything. Should be an ok day, hoping no blood or anything as tomorrow is his actual birthday.

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tiff said...

Happy Birthday Sammy!

Hope everything goes well.