Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sammy update

I am so thankful for the wonderful doctors we have for Sam. His primary Dr V called today to share some info, and her concerns with MassGeneral. So we are going to skip that for now. She knows someone at UMass I guess who is fantastic, she is actually going to do the legwork for this referral herself so 1) we can get in sooner and 2) he has the WHOLE story. She is just great. I am so thankful for her. She also suggested we see if his immunologist wants to change anything, so I called him and withing 1/2 he called me back!!!
So he called me back and I told him the whole scoop about what has been going on. He said 10-14days with Sam's immune issues is ok to be sick, but beyond that is concerning. So we will wait it out until next week and pray that he is better by then. He said if I had any questions or concerns to call him at any time. And then he THANKED ME for keeping him updated!!! I can't believe it, how often do you run across that, where the doctor actually wants and appreciate's your call? Anyways I am just thankful.
My friend Myriah came over today with her two kids Owen and Lillian today. The kids all had a blast playing and eating together today. Thanks Myriah from saving me from being alone in my misery of exhaustion after working 12hrs last night with no nap today.

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