Friday, May 2, 2008

We've graduated!!!

Well it is official, we used our last preemie diaper, we have graduated to the big kid diapers. What a difference between preemie, newborn and Sam's size 5s. I pray that we never have to use preemie diapers again. Right now the thought of getting pregnant again is scary, but if God decides to bless again, I will pray (AGAIN) for a full term FAT baby!:) Sophia is 7lbs now and is just beautiful. Having some issues with reflux, and we are still trying to figure out the best place for her to sleep. Right now on the boppy pillow is okay a lot of the time, but she definitley still gets uncomfortable.
Sam is doing well, hasn't seemed to have any weird effects from the gammaglobulin this time. Although he continues to mess with his ear,the one tht got hit. We will follow up with the doctor next week for that.
Sam's favorite past time is reading lately. He will sit for several books at a time and wants to read multiple times a day.

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