Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sick and worried

WHile looking at my beautiful little boy today I was reminded of all of the fears we had the first year of his life as he was always sick and no one could figure out why. It has been ten months since we started the gammaglobulin transfusions and he has done so much better. Sure we had those fevers of 105 (so scary) and then the leukemia scare but for the most part it has been normal around here with him. WE get the transfusions and we just don't think about him being sick or having the immune system problem.
I am so thankful to God for placing doctors in our lives that are knowledgeable and compassionate about my boy and they do their best for him always. All that being said there is something going on with him and we aren't quite sure what it is, and that is scary to me. He has a rash covering his body, he then has these large red circles spread out over his body, he has been sleeping tons (several hours extra) and I have woken him from naps, eating poorly, falling alot, and now he has a fever.
We were supposed to get the transfusion today but because of whatever is going on we couldn't. We went to his regular doctor today (saw someone who was covering for her) and did blood work, He wasn't sure what was wrong, mentioning several common childhood illnesses tath would be no big deal if he didn't have the immune deficiency. So basically we wait and see if he gets sicker:( What an awful place to be. I have been so blessed to have him diagnosed so early with his problem and God has graciously kept him healthy and now we have this discouraging setback. Please pray for him, and also for Sophia that she doesn't get it if it is contagious.
These pictures are of him the few times when he has been not lethargic. He isn't fussy or anything, he just keeps saying things like "momma boo-boo all done." "hold you" (meaning mommy hold me) and askng to go night night. Poor little guy

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