Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mommy's out there. What a tremendous blessing we have to be mothers. I look at my children and feel so fortunated and am so grateful for these beautiful lives. We had a good day. My dad took mom, Denise, Doreen, Deanna and I out to breakfast/lunch. It was nice. Matt, the kids and I went for a walk and got icecream and then played at the park. Sam had a blast and it was nice to spend time as a family, as Matt is working endlessly these last few weeks to get his final project for his master's degree done, so we havent' seen him much. My sister-inlaw made Sophia some bows (check out her site: and they are just too cute. In the pictures of her and I together look closely you can see the tiniest bow ever, and then of her by herself, she has icecream cones on her bow!!!! Thanks Tracy:)


Tracy Weber said...

Happy Mother's Day Danielle!!

Glad you love the bows (thanks for the advertisement!). The one with the ice-cream cones on it made me think of when we all go to Kimball's together!!! Congrats on Sophie gaining weight!! Yippie!!

Nathali said...

Happy Mother's Day. You have such a beautiful family. You are very blessed!!!