Monday, November 19, 2007

HE speaks!!!

Finally he is starting to talk!!! Elated isn't even the half of what I am. Even though the actual hearing test was okay, I have still been so nervous with his lack of speaking. He was rated at an eight month level when they evaluated him for speech, considering he is 16mo. that was worrisome. And then take in to effect the 8+ ear infections last winter, the constant fluid in both ears and then all of the other medical issues, with meds that may or may not have a negative effect on hearing and I was anxious. And then so many others are doing so well and are younger (Serena and Edwin!!!:) WEll anyways the extent of my 16months olds language.... Ma (which is mama, milk, and more), Dada and Daddy, up (this is new), attempting to say bye (buuuu), and then ruff and mooooww for cat and dog noises. I am so excited every time he says them. And he says them appropriately. He comes over to me and says Ma up!! I love it!!!!

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23wktwins'mommy said...

YAAAAY! He is doing so well. Now that those pesky ear infections and fluid is gone, he is an all-star!
"Ma up!" SOOO cute!