Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lead level

Well at Sam's one year appt. he had the standard lead test done, and although his was in the normal range, it was on the high side of normal. And with all this stuff on the news about all the products coming from China with lead I am so anxious. Every single one of his bath toys is from China, not to mention almost all of the others, I saw a couple of his exact bibs be recalled this morning for lead!!! How awful. Matt is convinced that they are trying to kill our kids.
In other news, Sam picked up my stethescope one day after work last week. I had taken it out to clean it. Well he reached for it and I let him see him. He knew EXACTLY what to do with it!!! First he hung it around his neck just like his doctor does. Then he took it off his neck put it in his ears and reached out to listen to my heart with it!!! Do you think we have been to the doctor often, if my 13month old is already knowing what to do with a stethescope. My boy is so smart:)
He is walking more every day. And is so proud of himself. He is now taking 15 or so steps at a time, then falls to a crawl and finishes where he was going. He is getting so big. HE squats and then can stand.
Monday we go to Children's again to see the immunoligist. I am anxious to get his blood work results back and have a more set plan. He will get labs drawn that day and then probably two weeks later we will know what we will be doing. And then the following week we see the GI doctor again. I am not sure what will come of that appointment probably not a whole lot.

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