Thursday, July 12, 2007

Davis Farmland

We went with our friends today to a wonderful petting zoo/water park. The kids had a phenomenal time. The animals were so friendly and Sam couldn't get enough of them. The park was great, there was hand sanitizer around everywhere to use, tons of cool animals, lots of stuff to play with, and then there was the waterpark. And Sam is a little water bug. He couldn't get enough of the water spraying in his face or just slapping the water.

Our doctor's appt. to children's went well. They were wonderful to us this time. The immunolgist basically is preparing us to get IV IgG, basically IV antibodies every 3-4wks. Which is scary. It is essentially like you are giving blood products. The other thing about this is that if that is the route we have to go then he will need an IV every month and they have such a hard time getting his veins, and then also it is another day in the hospital each month.

On a brighter note, tomorrow is his birthday!!! I can't believe my baby is turing one.

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