Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sam I am

We went to Cbildren's today with Sam. He did wonderful. IT is kind of a weird feeling, mixed feelings really. When does an almost two year old decide that it is okay to be held down and poked with needles? He has accepted this as normal, and I am sad that it is his normal. He just kind of takes the pain and bears it. HE whimpers and that is about it. The first time they stuck him the IV wouldn't work, and so they gave him a bandaid and he said thank you! Poor little bug. HE got bit by some kind of monster bug yesterday and has had a reaction to it. He looks like someone punched him. He is such a happy fun loving kid. HE is into fire engines, Caillou, ELmo and Thomas the train. His favorite things to do are play outside and read. He is talking so much now and is so big. He is 27.5 pounds now. I can't believe he is almost two.

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23wktwinsmommy said...

THey are ADORABLE! Same looks exactly like you!!!