Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Thankful for answered prayers

We FINALLY heard back from the doctor today. Well actually I called and was a pest, but I couldn't wait any longer. So I spoke directly with the hematologist who said that he does not have leukemia!!! Thank you GOD! Anyways she is not quite sure why his blood work levels are abnormal, but they don't think that it is something on their end of things. Then today we saw the immunologist, who stated his concerns over a certain part of his white blood cells being chronically low and he is going to talk to the hematologist himself. I also asked him if there was any other options as far as Sammy's transfusions go. He was opposed to any sort of permanent access due to the risk of infection, but he did mention giving the gammaglobulin the same type of way that diabetics give their insulin. The good thing about this would be that it would be something we could do at home, but the bad things would be that I would be the one sticking him with needles, and that it would be weekly instead of monthly. So I am not sure what will happen on that end of things. It is a little strange to think of me and our home being MEDICAL place for Sam. I don't think I want him to correlate that stuff with here. Hopefully the doctor will come up with a better option.

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