Friday, January 4, 2008


I am in such shock right now. Yesterday we went to the hematologist, who I must say was wonderful. What she had to say wasn't though. Even though it isn't like they are saying Sammy has leukemia, just the shear thought of testing him for it is absolutely terrifying. Who wants to have their child tested for cancer? The other thing that they had said was that because of his specific type of immune deficiency he is more at risk to get cancer than other kids. Such a scary thought.... It just seems like the devil is trying so hard sometimes to take him from us. I know God is bigger than all of this and that he is completely in control, but my heart is scared, overwhelmed and just plain sad. They did blood work yesterday and will call me with the results. I guess the good thing about this is that his past blood work hasn't been like they look at it and realize that he definitely has it (maybe that means it isn't?) but the trend in the flunctuations of his blood levels are concerning, as are the high fevers he has been having. So I ask all of you readers, PLEASE PRAY FOR MY BOY!!! Again I know that God is in control but this is still quite a scary situation.
On the total other end of the spectrum, I had an OB appointment today, everything was great! My blood pressures are good, no problems with my urine, the baby is measuring big! I am excited about that last part. With Sam I always measured 2-4wks smaller than I should have, and with this little girl I measured almost 3wks ahead!!!

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