Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Long overdue post

Do you every just feel discouraged and frustrated? That is where I am now. I started having contractions this weekend, but thought it was no big deal, as I had had a really busy weekend at work. SO I just took it easy and rested as much as I could (although quite difficult with a 1 1/2 year old) Anyways sunday night the pain got much worse but I decided to take a bath and then go to bed and hope that it was just muscles strecthing. It seemed a little better after I took a bath so I just went to bed. I called the doctor yesterday morning and they didn't even want me to come into the office they sent me right up to labor and delivery where they put me on the monitor. I felt some little cramps here and there but didn't think it was that big of a deal. Well when they put me on the moniter I was contracting every 8-14minutes!!! I wasn't even feeling all of them! THe good thing is the baby looked good but the bad thing is it is way to early to start contracting like this. THey did a test that said about 95% accurate that I won't deliver within the next two weeks, which would bring me to almost 30wks but that is way too early too. I am just so frustrated. I don't have the option to stop working or taking care of Sam, or stopping doing the house work and errands, but if I don't am I jeopardizing this baby? Am I risking having another preemie? Am I risking having more health issues for both of us? Sorry for the complaining just feeling pretty frustrated and disappointed that we are going through this. It always feels like there is something. HEre are some cute pictures of my boy with his "Papa" as Sam likes to call Matt's dad.

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