Friday, June 15, 2007

Sick again:(

I feel like this poor kid can never get a break. So we had another doctor's appointment yesterday with his primary, and she said that his ear is full of fluid, not infected yet but full of fluid. She said to call back if the fever (which he has had off and on since saturday) got worse. So of course today when he woke up, after a miserable night, like 6-8 times he woke up, he had a higher temp 102.3 and was absolutely miserable. He fell back asleep and then slept restlessly until 12:30pm. I called the doctor and of course she is off for today, but I spoke with a nurse, and am going to try to make it through the weekend, since we can't give him antibiotics anyways. Ugghhhh!!!!

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23wktwins'mommy said...

Oh poor Sammy!
With all of this going on I wonder if maybe you shoul dtry and pursue investigating the immune system route? :( I know that seems scary, but maybe, just maybe, it would give you some more answers.
I hope he feels better soon!!!