Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Anger, frustration and pure disappointment

Well we finally had our much awaited appointment at Children's Hospital in Boston. It definitely did not go as we had hoped. First they were late taking us (totally acceptable, I know how things can be), so after waiting about an hour and a half we were finally taken into the exam room. The medical student came in and went through the whole scenario of the last illness with us and how things have been lately. She then said, that she was going to go talk to the doctor and that they would be back to talk to us. Well approximately 45minutes later she returned to say that she was so sorry but the doctor had gone home!!! I was furious. I was completely dumb founded, how do you just leave the office without making sure you have seen all of your patients? It would have been one thing if it was an emergency but they told us it wasn't.

So needless to say we were then introduced to another doctor who basically said that since he didn't know the history and hadn't had a chance to read Sam's chart, he didn't feel comfortable doing anything different. I of course had my long list of questions, wondering about permanent damage, any other things we can do to prevent this, future antibiotic use, etc etc... So he went through some of them with me, but was not really all the interstested in discussing prognosis with me. He did say something that has made me quite anxious though. He said if it were him that were seeing us he would want us to go to an immunologist to make sure that there isn't somethingwrong with Sam's immune system. So that is a little scary.

So I asked what I could do to help him.... he said "keep breastfeeding!!!" I was getting so excited to be done. And now I really shouldn't for the benefit of my son. He said we are doing everything right, and that Sammy is just really good at being sick.

These pictures are from the other day when we played with Davion and Dasanee at the playground.

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