Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Well we got a call from Children's Hospital yesterday. The message on my machine said "This is Amy from urgent appointments, we want to see your son as soon as possible, please call at your earliest convenience" So of course I was working yesterday and missed the call. I got home and called immediately, well they had gone home for the day. So I left a message, leaving my cell phone number and house number and asked to call ASAP today. So I waited all morning and then finally at 11am got anxious and called to see what was going on. So when I called I spoke with same girl, who told me that they wanted to see Sam as soon as possible. WEll then guess what she said?!?!?!? "Oh I am sorry I gave all the emergent appointments away, I will try to get back to you tomorrow or the next day if I can find another one!! I am so frustrated.
Sam is doing well, although today he was so irritable and the diarrhea is back, maybe if I ignore that he might have the intestinal infection it will go away?

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