Friday, May 18, 2007

Hospital again:(

My poor baby is back in the hospital again. I brought him to the doctor yesterday afternoon as he was just acting lethargic and not eating well. Once there they did blood work and they tested his stool again. And once again he has C. diff. colitis, the intestinal infection that has caused him so much discomfort in the past. So we came in and they put an IV in, thankfully it only took one attempt, but then that IV blew and they had to start another. The second one took 3 attempts, how horrible it is to be holding your child down when you know they don't feel well and allow someone else to poke them. I know it is for his own good, but when he was looking at me with such fear in his eyes it was breaking my heart. THis new IV is in his foot, and the other sites where they attempted are black and blue. And then of course he had to have an allergic reaction to the antibiotics they put him on, and got hives, and was just miserable. Poor baby. Hopefully we can go home tomorrow, and he will have to take antibiotics for ten more days.

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