Thursday, July 7, 2011

Joint Hypermobility

I took Sophia to a rheumatologist on tuesday of this week. Because she has been having the joint pain for almost a year, and the orthopedic doctor does not believe it is structual we got referred to the rheumatologist. She was absolutely wonderful. She does not believe that Sophia has arthritis which is such an answer to prayer. There are a few things that are concerning to her though: the fact that she is stiff and the pain is worse in the morning, the fact that she had that undiagnosed eye pain in the same time frame as when the joint pain started (I guess this is very typical presentation of rheum. arthritis in someone her age). But her physical exam looks good in terms of saying that it is not arthritis. She did however say that she has some hypermobility of her joints. And therefore we will be going to physical therapy to see if we can strengthen her core muscles and help stabilize her joints better. We also will be going back to the pedi opthamologist to have a special test that is specific to rheum. arthritis too.
So we will just continue to pray that this heals and she feels better. Swimming this summer has seemed to help so hopefully between swimming and the PT we can strengthen her so much that we can resolve the pain.

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